On September 10, 2019, the Donetsk National Technical University hosted a workshop “dComFra Project: possibilities for teachers”, which was held within the framework of the project @Digital Competence Framework for Ukrainian Teachers and Other Citizens (dComFra)”.

The event was attended by 18 people: representatives of the city department of education, teachers of Pokrovsky Pedagogical College and DonNTU.

During the event, Yevgen Bashkov told about the purpose of the project and the plan of its implementation. He also outlined the structure of the digital competency framework used in Europe and the plans to develop such a framework for Ukrainian teachers and citizens.

In addition, a survey was conducted at the seminar to determine what IT teacher has knowledge of, how he / she receives them, what subjects he / she teaches, and what level of knowledge he / she should impart to students. According to the results of the survey, it is planned to hold thematic training courses for teachers, aimed at using the acquired knowledge in the practical activity of the teacher.