Public institution Information Technologies Institute (ITI) was established in 1997 and started as an organization which creates temporary professional working groups for projects on Information System design. The full-time staff of ITI includes administrative, financial and project managers (5-10 persons). ITI has strong experience in IT training/testing courseware design and development.

From year 2000 ITI started with ECDL (European Computer Driving License) Programme implementation in Lithuania. ITI supervises infrastructure of more than 70 ECDL Test Centres in Lithuania. Currently the development and dissemination of computer literacy related training/testing systems have the major importance for the Institute. ITI has developed the Automated ECDL Test System which is authorised by the ECDL Foundation. Currently ITI is involved in development of Learning/Testing solutions for ECDL, e-Citizen, CAD, security and children safety subjects in Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian and Azeri languages.

ITI scientific research activities lie in customizable design of computer literacy tests. Some members of full-time staff carry out research of specific IT skills of people of various occupations considering find subsets of skills depending on test taker occupation.

ITI has also experience executing international projects funded by the Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+, EEA Grants.

From November 2013 ITI (ECDL Lithuania) is involved as a stakeholder in the National Digital Coalition for the Promotion of Digital Skills for Jobs in Lithuania (