University was named after the Commission of National Education created by King Stanisław August Poniatowski. It is a public university located in Kraków, Poland. It was founded soon after the conclusion of World War II, on May 11, 1946 originally as the National Higher College of Teacher Training. Its aim is the training of highly qualified teaching staff for the Polish educational system. The Pedagogical University is the earliest Pedagogical University in postwar Poland. It functions according to the model of integrated education combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills For 70 years the Pedagogical University of Cracow has taken the lead among pedagogical higher education institutions in Poland. It is exceptional because of its high prestige, professional education and modernity.

The mission of the Pedagogical University is exercised by professional and experienced teaching staff who apply modern and up to date teaching contents. It is also expressed through scientific research, outlining new fields of scientific development, transmitting knowledge, and developing and enriching the personality of the graduates by educating them according to the highest European standards.

To our students we offer the latest achievements in the Humanities and also in the Social, Educational, Natural, Technical and Art studies. Our educational provision enables students to apply to several dozen fields of studies in first-cycle (Bachelor’s) and second-cycle (Master’s) degree programmes, as well as in the third-cycle degree studies (Ph.D.), and post-graduate study courses.

The courses can be completed in the following faculties:

  •     Faculty of Humanities
  •     Faculty of Philology
  •     Faculty of Pedagogy
  •     Faculty of Geography and Biology
  •     Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Technical Science
  •     Faculty of Art

Students can choose from more than 100 specializations in 40 fields of study. The University offers multimedia classrooms, modern classrooms and laboratories, and a sports complex.

University in numbers:

  • over 900 academic teachers
  • over 14500 full-time and part-time students
  • over 1500 post-graduate students ca. 400 third-cycle degree students
  • ca. 400 third-cycle degree students