WP 1. DC needs & EU DigComp frameworks: Analysis

The main goals of WP1 are to develop major requirements for building the dComFra program by using the WP1 results for the target groups’ DC needs on a base of UA and EU labour market, EU DigComp frameworks analysis, existing experience of UA partners, and Program Countries best practices; and to launch Ukrainian National Digital Coalition (UNDC).

WP 2. Built dComFra infrastructure

The WP2 is devoted for establishing DC offices at each UA university. All universities’ DC offices will cooperate with each other sharing and exchanging learning and teaching materials as open educational resources, exchanging knowledge, experience and innovative practices of DC education.

WP 3. Trained HEI teachers – coaches & UNDC, UA DigComp frameworks

The WP3 aims to train sufficient number of UA university teachers (future coaches) to have knowledge to teach DC, to create learning materials and courses as well as to have skills in using the facilities of DC offices.

WP 4. Content development & Pilot use of dComFra resources

In WP4 on the base of available dComFra learning materials at least 14 DC modules will be created and incorporated into blocks according to social inclusion profile and 11 DC profiles (WP1, 1.4), as well as provided as separate courses in format of elective courses. The comprehensive learning modules will be prepared based on learning objectives in Ukrainian language. The syllabus would be published in English as well. Pilot trainings for the target groups will be organized.

WP 5. Quality Control and Monitoring (QCM)

The WP5 will ensure a quality management of the overall project activities, processes and outputs. The aims of this WP are to build a long-term strategy and to set up evaluation tools to accompany the development of the project, to guarantee quality control (and if necessary corrective actions) of processes, resources and outcomes and to collect data for the sustainable continuation after the end of the project.

Quality control and monitoring plan.

WP 6. Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability

The dissemination realizes to target other interested groups. Dissemination accomplished for the project outcomes, UA DC frameworks for educators and for citizens, dComFra open educational resources, DC like obligatory part of school and vocational teachers’ competences paradigm, citizens’ digital social inclusion as well as pool of DCs.

Dissemination and promotion plan.

Sustainability and exploitation plan.

WP 7. Management and Coordination

WP7 runs through all the project work packages. Project handbook (management plan) will be prepared and used by anyone involved in the project to understand project, tasks, finance issues, processes the project undertakes.