The coalition made by the initiative of the ERASMUS+ project-working group: КА2 CBHE dComFra – “Digital competence framework for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens” 598236-EPP-1-2018-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP.
Public Union “HIGH-TECH office Ukraine” and all-Ukrainian public organization “Ukrainian Association of information technology specialists” were elected as partners-coordinators of the coalition.

The Memorandum signing ceremony regarding to creation of the Ukrainian national digital coalition “Coalition of digital transformation” took place on September 5 in the News Agency “UKRINFORM” (
The “Coalition of digital transformation” includes 46 public and private institutions and organizations, educational institutions and public organizations.

During the signing was emphasize, that the digital transformation of the economy and society is one of the significant factors of economic growth, job creation, improving the life quality of citizens and the development of democracy in Ukraine.

Specified, that activities of the “Coalition of digital transformation” will straightened on consolidating and coordinating the initiatives and efforts of all partners in the field of digital development and Ukrainian integration to the European digital space (EU Single digital market).

The main areas of cooperation within the framework of the Memorandum should be:

  • spreading of information on modern digital technologies and practices of their use;
  • creation and development of appropriate infrastructure for the obtaining and improvement of digital skills of young people and society in total for increasing the employment level and effective use of digital opportunities;
  • harmonization with the Digital Agenda and the Digital Single Market of the European Union;
  • access improving to digital infrastructure and the Internet;
  • integration of digital technologies into production processes or digitalization of industry;
  • encouragement of digital development of human settlements and regions;
  • digitalization of science, development of Ukrainian e-infrastructures;
  • promoting the development of creative industries, cybersecurity systems and other areas of digital transformation of Ukraine;
  • progress of international cooperation in the field of digital technologies and digital skills.

Speakers of the Memorandum signing were: 
National coordinator of the project “Digital competence framework for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens” of the European Union ERASMUS+ program Sergey Bronin; 
Executive Director of the GS “HIGH-TECH office Ukraine” Adrey Biryukov; 
President of the NGO “Agency for European innovations” Ivan Kulchitsky; 
President of the NGO “Polesie Foundation for international and regional analysis”, representative of the project “Promotion of the agenda and institutional prerequisites for the development of digital competencies in Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia” Maxim Koryavets; 
Chief of staff of Sumy regional state administration Dmitry Zhivitsky; 
General Director of the Association of industrial automation enterprises of Ukraine Alexander Yurchak; 
General Director of the Association of information technology enterprises of Ukraine Yuri Peroganich.

As noted during the signing, national digital coalitions now established in 23 European countries. Digital coalitions are transparent partnerships between digital transformation objects, promoting digital skills in country members that work together to implement digital transformation, develop the digital economy and improve digital skills at the national, regional or local level.

Within the framework of the coalition created a working group for the development of digital skills, which included all universities-participants of the dComFra project consortium “Digital competence framework for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens” of the European Union ERASMUS+ program.