In July, the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences (Villach, Austria) hosted trainings for participants in the Digital Competence Framework for Ukrainian Teachers and Other Citizens (598236-EPP-1-2018-1-LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP), The lecturers of DonNTU took part in the work: Rector Yaroslav Lyashok, Professor Yevgen Bashkov and Associate Professor Natalya Kostyukova.

During the trainings, representatives of the Austrian University acquainted the participants with the pedagogical and didactic concepts and their implementation in the Austrian education system, existing in Austria digital competence frameworks for citizens and educators. Austrian colleagues also shared their experience in the internationalization of education, spoke about academic mobility programs, Erasmus + projects. It was interesting to get acquainted with the work of the didactic center of the University, principles of support for digital learning, new curricula and methods in the field of computer science. Also it was very interesting to visit the Smart Lab in Klagenfurt and the location of Infineon Technologies AG, the world leader in semiconductor solutions.