On February 28, 2019, information day took place at the Faculty of Computer and Information Technologies of NTU “KhPI” within the framework of the implementation of the international project “dComFra – Digital competence framework for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens / dComFra” (No. 598236-EPP-1-2018-1 -LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP).

Associate Professor of the Information Systems Department of NTU “KhPI” Ganna Zavolodko reported on participation in the training on the project dComFra, which took place in the city of in Kaunas/Lithuania 18 – 22 February, 2019, Vytautas Magnus University.

Organizing different meetings and discussions with Lithuanian national digital coalition’s representatives and other institutions involved in DigComp frameworks implementation in Lithuania, industry’s representatives for interview about DC needs.

During the first training visit to the VMU, many aspects of digital skills were considered.

Questions that have been considered:

  • Brief info about ITI, ITI involvement in certification market.
  • Knowledge Certification: Base certification, Intermediate certification modules.
  • Advanced certification modules and Endorsed Programmes, E-Guardian programme, ICT barometer.
  • Administration of the TC network. Practical demonstration on the Lithuanian TestEngine administration system.
  • Courseware localization. AQTB localization (practical guidelines).
  • Local marketing issues, logos and local courseware.
  • The Fallacy of the ‘Digital Native’: Why Young People Need to Develop their Digital Skills.
  • Study of the digital skills of the university entrants (VMU case).
  • Digital Skills level in Lithuania and Europe.
  • Good practice example: Online4EDU experience.
  • Good practice example: e-GUARDIAN – Development and certification of skills for European Educators focused on Safe ICT and Cyber threat prevention.
  • Quality assurance policy.
  • Creation of testing center experience.
  • Webinar “Value of ECDL / ICDL”.
  • Possibilities of Digital Competence Formation in SMEs in Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian industrial digitalization roadmap 2019-2030.
  • Support of Kaunas Science and Technology Park in Development of Digital Competences for SMEs.
  • MOOC
  • Digital champions and their activities.
  • Introduction about CodeWeek initiative in Europe.
  • Webinar with Science Education Department, Brussels (
  • Digital Skills (Safer internet Week and All Digital Week) initiatives in Europe.
  • Experience about concept and Action plan for NDC in Lithuania.
  • NDC working groups results (ICT curriculum update in schools; Digital Agenda amendments).
  • Documents related with Digital Skills strategy in Lithuania.
  • Experience of creation National Digital Coalition in Lithuania.


  • Training/testing center development;
  • Round table discussion about DC certification;
  • Training/testing center development;
  • Development of strategy how to increase number of CodeWeek events in UA
  • Development of Digital Skills initiatives Plan in UA;
  • Developing of concept and Action plan for UNDC;
  • Development of UNDC memorandum.

The main outcomes of the Info Day are:

  1. to present dComFra project and developments accomplished within project
  2. to provide information about coming trainings and propose to take part in them.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/dcomfra-kharkov