April 16, 2019 at the faculty of computer and information technologies of NTU “KHPI” the third for teachers within the international project “dComFra – Digital competence framework for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens / dComFra” (No. 598236-EPP-1-2018-1- LT-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP).

Senior Lecturer, Department of Information Systems, NTU “KPI”, Ohrymenko M.Yu., Tolkachov M.Yu. and Jenyuk NV reported on participating in a dComFra training course held at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Prague, Czech Republic.

Issues considered:

  • Department of Information Technology: Education and Research
  • CULS Test Center experience
  • ICT skills training
  • Digital Skills Strategy in the Czech Republic
  • ICT skills training for international students
  • IoT and Big Data
  • Training operating systems, computer networks and CISCO Academy
  • Visiting laboratories: human behavior studies and virtual reality
  • Czech National Digital Coalition and ICT projects
  • Innovative methods in teaching programming
  • Large-scale digital learning support – Moodle & Adobe Connect
  • Exchange of best practices (seminar)